Salanova lettuce varieties were naturally breed and cultivated in the Netherlands for farmers to increase their production volume and for chefs to save time during their preparation. Salanova varieties do not have a core and with one cut the leaves can be separated, ready to be used. The Salanova lettuces have three times more leaves than other varieties, shaped around a base in a rosette pattern with small leaves. Available year-round, the range consists of five types of lettuce; Butter, Oak Leaf, Lollo, Crispy and Batavia, each available in two colors; red and green.



Also naturally breed and cultivated by Dutch farmers, the relatively new variety Crystal lettuce looks like an open iceberg lettuce with frilled crunchy and juicy leaves. It can be grown all year-round and produces heavy, compact heads.

It is especially suited for SMARTKAS’ smart farm facilities, performing well under high-intensity light and in a hydroponic system. Crystal has a sweet and crunchy bite so it can replace iceberg in dishes that call for single leaf lettuces. It is also delicious when combined with hot and acidic dishes, such as the ones in Asian cuisine. The variety is known for its high levels of folate, potassium and manganese.



Our award-winning Everbearer strawberry is grown at SMARTKAS through an exclusive relationship with British growers and breeders. This sweet berry was originally developed through an extensive breeding program over ten years.

Today, following more than two years of R&D with SMARTKAS, this Everbearer is being grown in a smart farm facility for the first time, enabling its availablity throughout the year in the United Kingdom. A highly flavored berry, it features simple flower trusses that give large average fruit size and an excellent fruit shape. Its fruit is highly flavoured with a high brix-level more than 10% while its firm skin ensures an excellent shelf life.